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Last mix of the year, coming in deep and with lots of weight via Kwizma, just in time for his latest release on Sub Pressure entitled "Carthage EP" which you can listen and support via Juno or Beatport. Take a listen below to his mix for a taste of Kwizma's sound.



❱❱  DOWNLOAD MIX  ❰❰  (140 Mb)

Real name:
Christian Engelen

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Creating something out of nothing. The idea alone is bizarre enough but when you take a step back after working on a tune for hours on end, and hear what it is you’ve made, you can’t help but feel the biggest sense of satisfaction there is. I’ve never experienced a greater sense of pride or wonder as much as I have while making my music. Producing a tune generates a truly magical moment specifically designed to be experienced by yourself and no-one else.

Your favorite studio gear:
Nothing comes even remotely close to how much I love my SubPac. The ability to actually feel your music is a very unique experience. Because you can quite literally feel every single element in a track, it allows you to very precisely and with near surgical precision tweak, transform and dissect any sound into exactly what it is you want in the tune. It adds an entirely new aspect to the production game, a sort of 4th dimension if you will.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
It’s pretty much impossible to name a single artist that I am inspired/motivated by. All the artists I am in touch with and have shared/made music with are talented beyond words and I look up to all of them. I entered this game quite late, everyone else I know has been producing and performing before I even had the idea to start producing music of my own so they are all much more experienced in every way. The one artist I have known of the longest is without a doubt Leon Switch, going back to when he was (and still is) known as the second half of the legendary Kryptic Minds.

Fast forward a few years and not only have we become good friends, but we now make music together, both as solo artists and as a trio alongside Kelly Dean (Exclusive Mix Vol. 004), a true staple in the Los Angeles dubstep scene who’s been in the production game before I even knew what dubstep was. The thought of making music with these two is something I dreamed of when I first started producing, so in a sense, it really is a dream come true!

Life changing album:
There are so many incredible albums out there that I was introduced to at an early age thanks to my parents, albums such as “Mezzanine” and “Blue Lines” by Massive Attack,  “The Fat of the Land” by The Prodigy, “Melody A.M.” by Röyksopp and “Play” by Moby are just a fraction of what I was influenced by as a kid. The one that album that I would have to classify as life changing would be “Random Album Title” by deadmau5. It’s an album that came out much later than the ones I mentioned, but it solidified my love for electronic music in a way that no other album has. Every track on there is a masterpiece.

KWIZMA Production Tip

Production tip:
Don’t start something with a set idea in mind. Every single one of my tunes starts off as a blank slate, I make it up as I go along. Naturally I’ll get ideas as the tune progresses but I never have a concept in my head that I want to work around. A lot of people tend to get stuck if they can’t figure out a way to get a certain sound or ‘vibe’ in a tune. This method eliminates any restrictions and the “need” to accomplish a certain something during the creative process, thus allowing you to be completely free of any worries or hindrances. You’re pretty much letting the music do the thinking for you.

Something people don't know about you:
I’m a pretty open book so there aren’t many things people don’t know. I guess a ‘fun fact’ would be that my go-to drink while I make music is Earl Grey tea. Lots of tea. Liters. I have a huge “Size Matters” cup I bought so I can drink as much as I can.

Favorite food joint:
“Surf Burger” in Anglet, a commune in the south of France. It’s a tiny burger place by the beach with the most laid back ‘hang loose’ vibe you can find in Europe. Except for the classic ‘Surf Burger’, the food isn’t even that great (haha) but it’s the atmosphere that does it! I try to go there as often as I can.



01. edIT - Situps Pullups [Planet Mu]
02. Hebbe - A8X [Unity Through Sound - Vinyl Only]
03. Section 8 - Isolate [Gradient Audio]
04. NōTaN Feat. Alys Be - Against The Grain [Dub]
05. Valac - Projection [FKOF Free Download]
06. Slaven - Mass Produced [Self-Released]
07. RUFUS! - Triskelion Trip [Dub]
08. Kwizma - Right On [Dub]
09. RUFUS! - I Want You [Dub]
10. Section 8 - Ponce (Kelly Dean Remix) [Dub]
11. LX One - Losing Control [Wheel & Deal]
12. Volume A & Section 8 - Scared [Dub]
13. Hebbe - Addictive Dub [Unity Through Sound - Vinyl Only]
14. Dalek One - Gone Mad (ETHER Remix) [Dub]
15. AxH - Loudmouth (Kwizma Remix) [Dub]
16. Kwizma - Brontide [Dub]
17. Kryptic Minds - Rule Of Language [Osiris Music]
18. Kwizma - Needle [Dub]
19. Kwizma - Mental Cage [Dub]
20. Boot & Chewie - Only Me (Leon Switch VIP) [Dub]
21. NōTaN - Serenity [Dub]
22. B1t Crunch3r - Europa (Section 8 Remix) [Dub]
23. Mesck & Kial - Entropy [Dub]
24. Mesck & Kelly Dean - Untitled Dub [Dub]
25. Kwizma - Apperception [Dub]
26. Kwizma - Firefight [Dub]
27. Kwizma - Fuck It [411 Music Group]
28. Slaven - Insurgent [Macabre Unit Digital]
29. Culprate - Crash (2016 Remaster) [Gradient Audio]
30. Mesck - Dauntless [Dub]
31. Biome - Bwoy Dem [Manchester With Love]
32. Volume A - Polar Opposite [Dub]
33. NōTaN - Revenant [Dub]
34. LX One - Give It Up [Wheel & Deal]
35. Pushloop - Stereophonic [Dub]


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