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EXCLUSIVE MIX #026: Matt Deco

EXCLUSIVE MIX #026: Matt Deco

Coming in with another selection of tracks for the 26th installment of the #ExclusiveMix by Dataset and very excited to have non other than Matt Deco hosting it.

Rooted in the underground days of drum & bass and dubstep, Deco wears his influences on his sleeve and blends the sounds of yesteryear with today’s styles & production standards.With over a dozen singles, remixes and EPs credited to his name, Deco has been creating music below the radar for several years earning him a staple spot in the Los Angeles low frequency movement.

His album Reverse Chronology is on frequent rotation here at Dataset, a half time dnb full of deep thought inducing atmospheres lending itself as a useful tool in the creative process. I've been a fan of Deco's work for sometime and last time I got to see him play at Little Tokyo's Rocksteady Tuesdays, my admiration grew even more and had to ask him to record a selection for the mix series.

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Real name:

Matt Deco

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes: 
Making music gives me a nice break from the outside world and long stretches of uninterrupted time to be creative. Also, it gives you a lot of opportunities to drink coffee.

Your favorite studio gear:
My phone to count BPMs, practice scales, make chord progressions, capture field recordings, take notes on reference mixes and do about a 100 other music-related activities. A great chair. Truth be told, I sold most of my hardware over the last 2 years and I'm now pretty much all in the box for making music. The last piece of kit I'm hanging onto is an Access Virus TI Snow. I just set it up again recently, even though the TI digital it has a certain analog roundness that makes it sound less harsh than contemporary popular synths like Serum and Massive.

What artist inspires/motivates you: 
Anyone who just settles in to their groove, sustains their creative work for a long time, and stays quietly killing it despite what may be going on in the larger world.

Life changing album:
Massive Attack - Mezzanine. I still listen to it about once a month and I constantly find new things buried in the mix. The overall vibe of the record is exactly my thing, the production is top-notch and it's dynamic in a way that's kind of rare now.

Also worth mentioning is Roni Size / Reprazent - New Forms. It blew my feeble little mind the first time I heard it. What can I say, Bristol looms large when it comes to my influences.

Production tip:
Embrace constraints, give yourself ways to create happy accidents, leave some things "good enough", don't take it too seriously.

Something people don't know about you:

I didn't have crunchy peanut butter until I was an adult, it was only the smooth variety in my house growing up. A truly savage upbringing. I will only purchase or consume crunchy peanut butter now that I have control over that part of my life.

Favorite food joint:
Well, I just ate there tonight so I gotta give a shout out to Tsujita Ramen. Best dipping style tsukemen in Los Angeles! Bring a book because the wait can be insane.

Matt Deco, Exclusive Mix


01. Matt Deco & Subtle Mind - Fade to Blonde [Dub]
02. Matt Deco - Morningside [Dub]
03. Nausika - Fabric [Subtitles]
04. Nymfo - Dividing [Prestige]
05. Roy Green & Protone - Seduction VIP [Intrigue]
06. Zero T - Overdue [Horizons]
07. Digital - Only You [Metalheadz]
08. Tactile - Collie [Timeless]
09. Sabre - Global [Subtitles]
10. Matt Deco - City of Industry [Vibe Studies]
11. Knautic - Connection Dub (DJ Madd Remix) [East Van]
12. Moresounds - Warriah [Astrophonica]
13. Hydro & War - Time Perception [Methlab]
14. Mako - A Break from Suspension [Dispatch]
15. Fracture - Back Up In This [Astrophonica]
16. SpectraSoul - Beat Keeps [Ish Chat]
17. Chimpo - Bedspring Riddim [Exit]
18. Alix Perez & Skeptical - Killa [Exit]
19. Nausika - Torture [Subtitles]
20. Matt Deco - Spaced Out [Vibe Studies]
21. Matt Deco - Fitted [Dub]
22. Calibre - Fire & Water (DJ Madd Bootleg) [Self-Released]
23. Ruckspin - Weirder Stuff [Self-Released]

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