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EXCLUSIVE MIX #025: Rebellion

Exclusive Mix -

EXCLUSIVE MIX #025: Rebellion

We are excited to present the 25th installment of the Exclusive Mix series by Rebellion, from the United By Bass crew and host at Westcoast Pressure Radio. When you meet Charles you can immediately tell he is passionate about his sound, but he shows it with a decisive attitude full of positive ideas. He has been working on this mix for quite sometime and the effort shows with a deep, soulful voyage that makes you zone out and perhaps, reflect. With that in mind, let's get to it!

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Real name:
Charles Sutton

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
You can give the same 20 tunes to 20 different dj's. And not one mix will sound the same.

Your favorite studio gear:
The Technics I still own and use to this day. Regardless of playing mostly on cdj’s these days.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Too many artists from all walks of music to mention! However, I will say that my core crews and fam I fux with help keep me motivated. And shout out to my very talented and artistic friend who helped me find the inspiration I needed to push this Liquid mix out for the Dataset exclusive mix series. Thanks, muse!

Life changing album:
In which era of my life? Haha! I’ve always been a music junkie. I give thanks to my mom and dad for diversifying my ears to all sorts of sounds ever since I was a baby.

DJ tip:
If you’re a beginning DJ, train your ears and learn to transition out of tunes without relying on FX to bail you out. Don’t overdo FX in your sets. And for the love of the gods, both old and new, stop with the corny EDM superstar DJ poses.

Something people don't know about you:
I still get nervous before big shows. As in, I start to dry heave about an hour or so before my set. It’s like that scene out of 8 Mile with Eminem. Minus the vomiting.


We heard you are heading on a little trip soon, can you tell us a bit about it?Absolutely. I'm heading out to Bristol and Amsterdam with my United By Bass brothers, DJ's Garva & Evlo. We head out December 14th-23rd. 


Are you guys playing gigs out there?
Yessir! We're warming up the dance at the Intrigue Recordings Christmas Edition show. Really excited to drop some beats for our 2hr b2b, then hear the sounds of SpectraSoul, LSB, Skeptical, Phase & a couple of the Bristol locals. Truly an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this special occasion.

How are you preparing for this and what are your expectations for the trip?
The three of us have been getting together and vibing out on the decks for hrs at a time. Getting a feel of what each dj will bring to the table. Because we have two hrs and am warming up the dance, we're going to bring the same vibes we do at all our SD Union shows. Smooth, sexy, rolling Liquid sounds. 

My expectations for this trip is quite simple: Good times. Relaxed vibes. Enjoying the scenery. Eating all of the local food and pints. Taking pictures thru out our journeys since a portion of it will be pretty hazy, haha!

Anything in particular you want to do or see while out there?
The UK is the birthplace of Jungle Drum & Bass. To go to the mecca is something I've always dreamed about ever since I was first introduced to this music. I'm going to immerse myself fully with the experience, and appreciate every single moment with my brothers, friends, and new friends I make. I'm a, "Go with the flow," kind of guy. So I have no expectations but to enjoy this life I live. 

Favorite food joint:
First off, I’d like to say I love food. I have a couple food spots for just about every cuisine out there. I live in San Diego, after all. So, current favorite food joint? It’s a tie between Santouka & Nishiki for my ramen fix.

Shout out to:
My United By Bass crew, my Special Technique brothers, my MIA crew, all the promoters, MC’s, producers and DJ’s I’ve crossed paths with thru the years (regardless if we like each other or not, there’s a purpose why we interacted), those whom I call my close friends and fam. I love you all.



Intro: The Last Hour
01. Etherwood: You'll Always Be A Part of Me (Pola & Bryson Rmx)
02. Fourward ft. Grimm: Memories of You
03. Zero T: My Name (Lenzman Rmx)
04. Anile: Seventh Sound
05. Surplus x Audio sketch: Leave It All Behind (Villem x McLeod Rmx)
06. Sector x Subsequent: Take It To Me
07. Calibre: The Sweet
08. Bcee x Drifts ft. Hannah Eve: Ghost
09. Actraiser ft. Oscar Michael: Distant Horizons
10. Freebird: Feel It (Seathasky Rmx)
11. LSB ft. Sophia Yardman: If You're Here (Luke's Tangerine Dreaming VIP)
12. Sculpt x Vangelies: Forgotten
13. SpectraSoul ft. dBridge: Glimpse (Ivy Lab Rmx)
Outro: Under The Surface

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Photography: Scan Darker     |     Mix Mastered by Zyfo