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EXCLUSIVE MIX #019: Displace

EXCLUSIVE MIX #019: Displace

Volume 19 of the Exclusive Mix series is here, this time coming all the way from Milan, Italy, to deliver a straight to the jugular dose of proper sub-rumblers full of atmosphere and percussive details. Selected and executed by the man known as Displace, a member of “The Hooderz” crew, who artistically originated between hip hop productions and beat boxing, until found his sound in dubstep music as soon as he heard it.

Take a listen to his contribution to the Dataset series by streaming or downloading his mix below and make sure you read his small interview below for some insight of what inspires and motivates this Italian producer.


❱❱  DOWNLOAD MIX  ❰❰  (110 Mb)

Real name:

Norberto Loardi

Best thing about mixing/ writing tunes:
When I’m in the studio I can easily leave my thoughts and problems outside, writing music has a beneficial effect on my mind, like an introspective journey about creating and searching for the right sound, editing till it reaches its perfect form, and merge all the elements to create something new from scratch, which has grown hand in hand with you. This is why I love making tunes, no matter how much time I spend on a track.
I like to have something concrete of the work I’ve done, something that people can listen to.

Your favorite studio gear:
I love my Virus TI2: bought it almost two years ago, and from that day I’ve been using it for everything. It’s fun to turn knobs and push buttons instead of using a mouse. It adds to the creative process, and the possibilities are endless!
Along side the Virus, I also love my Ableton Push controller: easy to use, and I can do everything on it without using the keyboard or mouse, better and faster.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
There are too many artists that inspire me, but if I have to pick a few, I’d say Mesck, Kryptic Minds, Biome, Warsa, D-Operation Drop, Distance, Demon, Kaiju, Perverse, Truth.. Everyone has something unique that inspired me in one way or another.
Also everyone who supports me and gives me the motivation to keep doing what I love to do.

Life changing album:
Again, It’s hard to name only one album that changed my life, cause a lot of them gave me something. Coming from a hip hop background I can say “The Platform by Dilated Peoples” was one of them. When I first heard it, I fell in love with Alchemist & Babu’s beats and from that day I decided to start producing.

Production tip for those getting started:
Start learning your tools, from your DAW of choice to your plug-ins. Less is better, so try to focus on a small range of equipment (software or hardware) and get to know them as much as you can. Doing regular sound design sessions, will help define your own sound, experiment on new techniques, Spend lots of time improving your mixing, it’s the most important part of production. Also, don’t get to hand up on having specific hardware or plugins, they won’t do miracles, it’s all about how you use what you have, that’s it.

Something people don’t know about you:
I love cook and drink coffee, and I don’t like butterflies.

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Displace Dataset Mix


01 – Displace feat. Ill Chill – In the basement (dub)
02 – Kaiju – Fall guy
03 – Perverse – Tempest
04 – Icicle – Minimal dub
05 – Mesck – Lucid form
06 – Mesck – No shelter
07 – LSN – Apollo
08 – Truth feat. Ill Chill & Lelijveld – Broken
09 – Living Proof & Mesck – Solidarity (dub)
10 – Dark Harmonics feat. Dubzee – Warning
11 – Sparxy, Karnage & MarkIV – City 17
12 – Taiko – Perfect wait (Biome remix) | Forthcoming Subaltern
13 – Dubapes – Africa calling (Sparxy remix)
14 – Daega Sound – Under pressure
15 – 207 – A sample (dub)
16 – Demon – Break point
17 – D-Operation Drop – Slammer (Sparxy remix)
18 – Killawatt & Core – Akusala
19 – Feonix feat. Kaya – Eon eyes