February 23, 2015


It’s been a while since our last feature and we are stoked to welcome Crix Saiz, representing the Alburquerque, NM area. I met Chris at one of the Freaky Tiki Bass nights by the Rude Behavior crew, after a visit to the Elk Beats HQ. I’ve heard great things about this crew and was great to experience the great vibes, a passionate community the knows how to throw it down. During the night I remember asking Donnie EshOne if he knew the tune being played and he kept saying it was all original from Cris himself (or some collaboration between both of of them as well). But enough chit chat, let’s get down to the tunes, on this 21st installment of the Exclusive Mix series.

Crix Saiz – Exclusive Mix | #021 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Chris Saiz

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
The best thing for me has always been the feeling you get when you start to control a crowd and make them move to your sound. Then, to top that off, once you start throwing your own tunes into the mix its game over!

Your favorite studio gear:
Lovin’ my Mackie studio monitors, I’d be lost without them.
Sound game strong.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
If I had to go back way back, I would say Dillinja was always one of my biggest inspirations even still to this day. The sounds of Matty G and J:Kenzo have also been huge inspirations as far as my 140 production goes.

Life changing album:
Generation Dub – The Deliverance EP blew my mind when I was younger and definitely changed my life in some way.

Production tip:
Always try and switch the style up even if it be the BPM of a track or a sound you’re not familiar with.

Something people don’t know about you:
I am one of the original founding members of the ‘Burque Shore House’

Favorite food joint:
I am a huge fan of sopapillas, and there is a local joint called El Modelo that makes the meanest stuffed sopapilla you could ever ask for!

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01. Crix Saiz – Clavomatic
02. Chase & Status ft. Delilah – Time (Crix Saiz Refix)
03. Crix Saiz – Chyeah Mon
04. EshOne Vs Trim – Notice Now Bootleg
05. Crix Saiz – Dun Know
06. Crix Saiz – Creature Talk
07. Crix Saiz Vs Big H – Been Doing This (feat. Flirta D, Meridian Dan & Footsie) Bootleg
08. EshOne – Scrap Night
09. Crix Saiz Vs Wiley – Boom Boom Da Na Bootleg
10. Crix Saiz & EshOne – White Lion
11. Crix Saiz – Papa Skengba
12. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Throwd
13. Crix Saiz – Buckshots
14. Crix Saiz & Cstepa Vs Tempa T – Next Hype Bootleg
15. Crix Saiz – Burd Game
16. EshOne – Rungs
17. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Wax Bowls
18. Crix Saiz – Lil Yellow
19 Crix Saiz Vs Lethal Bizzle – Pow Bootleg
20. EshOne – Monopoly
21. Crix Saiz & Cstepa – Power’s Stoopid
22. Crix Saiz Vs Skepta ft D Double E – Thats Not Me Bootleg


January 26, 2015


The long awaited Coach Jacket by Dataset is now open for pre-order in our shop. Comfortable and water-repellent, pair it with a hoodie in the winter or wear it open with a shirt underneath on warmer days. Made of polyester shell lined with thin jersey fabric with mesh insets for a beathable / lightweight feel. Featuring a hidden “Stash Pocket”.
Black “Low Frequency Resistance” label in the front, minimal typographic print in the back, so you can rep, front row at the next sound system show.


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January 21, 2015


Out now! The all new Cuff Beanie by Dataset goes for a rustic look. The acrylic / wool blend regulates the temperature on your noggin and keeps you lookin’ all steezy, never bro!
The Low Frequency Resistance woven label on the cuff for extra style,
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December 17, 2014


One of our most sought-out pieces of headwear makes a comeback with a color way twist. The Acoustic Research snapback hat, in black on dark gray is all about looks. Sound waves with a retro twist are embroidered on the front and a Small ‘Dotted D’ logo on the left center panel for extra style.
6-panel Flat visor cap with fused buckram sewn into the crown. 3 ½” crown, 6 sewn eyelets.

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November 30, 2014

Dataset_Exclusive_Mix #020

We got another Exclusive Mix up for grabs, this time coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan by Halu.
All in, on a mission to spread the sounds of Drum n’ Bass in the land of the rising sun, she is full of energy and her passion for the sound comes through on this mix. Don’t let the innocent looking cover deceive you, volume 20 of the Exclusive Mix series comes down HARD! Check the interview below while you blast this one on your system.

Halu – Exclusive Mix | #020 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Haluna Toyoda

Best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Trusting yourself and your senses is important to create art, same goes for DJing.
Sometimes even daily frustrations come into play and I channel them into my music. It’s a relief, a way to express myself.

What should we know about Tokyo’s bass scene?
In Tokyo, bass scene is going well. EDM is what’s most popular, but bass music events are getting stronger. People in Japan are getting more interested in the sound. I want to make a difference for Drum’n’bass scene in Japan!

Your favorite studio gear:
Right now, I’m really enjoying my Audio technica ATH-PRO5MK3 BK. Great sound and looks, size and padding are great for me!

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Mefjus, Rockwell,and DJ MIYU on the music side, but I’m also very inspired by visual artists like
Hokusai Katsushika, BANKSY, Keith Haring and photography.

Life changing album:
Netsky/2. was the first time I was able to buy a full drum n’bass album.

Production tip:
I think, performance is art. You have to be able to keep an open outlook.
If you wanna be a artist, feeding the mind is important to grow your sound.

Something people don’t know about you:
Besides being a Dnb DJ, I’m also Painter, and a Dancer.

Favorite food joint:
I often go to Hubbie Bubbie shops to hang with friends, burgers, sodas and hubbie bubbie with chai!

Follow Halu on Soundcloud and Tumblr


01. Frozen (feat. Diane Charlemagne)/S.P.Y
02. 64 Thousand Dollar Habit (feat. Secret Handshake Club)/June Miller
03. Transmission/Prolix & Mob Tactics
04. Dissuade/Mefjus
05. Operation Ivy/June Miller
06. Some Kind Of A Psycho (Original Mix)/Eleventh Sun
07. Eden/Computer Artists
08. Lead Us (Audio Remix)/Black Sun Empire & Noisia
09. Buffalo Charge/Dub Phizix & Strategy
10. Bounce/Dub Phizix & Strategy
11. Deadlock/Misanthrop
12. Timeloop/Hybris
13. Melt/L 33
14. Hot Plate/Enei
15. End of kingdom/TLOC & HALU
16. Sirius/Agressor Bunx
17. Flink/Fre4knc
18. Timeline (Optiv & BTK Remix)/Dementia & Rregula
19. Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix)/Rregula, Dementia & Disphonia
20. Hyperion (KNOXX Remix)/Dubscribe


November 23, 2014


If you are visiting this site, chances are you already know about Outlook Festival and how it stands out above any other festival, primarily for it’s commitment to sound delivery and an carefully selected lineup that (unlike other music festivals) it’s driven by music quality, regardless of what “top dj charts” say you should like or not. Hosting primarily all kinds of bass music the event is held just outside of the city of Pula, Croatia.

Lonnie Hill, founder at Mass Los Angeles was kind enough to accept our request to be the guest writer for the event, sharing his perspective on the 2014 edition of the event.



The vast majority of high level dubstep DJ’s follow one of two schools of thought. There are the more traditional DJ’s, who turn precision beatmatching and quick mixer work into a series of well-crafted blends and double-drops (or triple-drops if your name happens to be Youngsta), then there are DJ’s who focus less on blending and more on selection. Vivek is more of the latter, letting his tunes breathe and placing them in an order that allows them to lead up to and build into each other.

The challenge for selectors is greater than it seems – one misplaced tune can send a set in the wrong direction. Vivek knows nothing of misplacement. Everything is where it should be, and his set in Outlook’s darkest, heaviest area was nothing short of a masterpiece.

He draws our crew in with a handful of dubby, reggae-influenced tracks before moving into a section of deep and dark dubstep. The energy on the floor builds as each dub is laid down, the tracks getting heavier and heavier as the set runs along.

40 minutes later, he’s got us eating out of his palm, recognizes the crowd’s readiness to take it up a notch, and rewards us with “Under Control,” then pulls it back and lays down two different remixes. The Moat explodes. Vivek hard cuts into the drop of Kromestar’s “Mere Sher” and the Moat flat out loses it. It’s gone from a deep, heady experience to an all out war.

Vivek finishes his set by laying down “Over My Head,” and the combination of Mel Dymond’s haunting vocals and Vivek’s droning low frequency bass is one of the most overpowering musical moments I’ve ever experienced, more akin to seeing SunnO))) or Channel One Soundsystem than a traditional dubstep DJ set.

Mel Dymond’s voice says “I can’t breathe…” and she’s absolutely right. The Moat’s expertly-tuned sound system has rendered my lunges all but useless. My nose is shaking so much that even the deepest breath cuts in and out.

I’m rarely ever left so powerless and yet so inspired, but when a perfect environment meets a crushing sound system and a flawless selector, you give up all control.

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Bravo.


The Ballroom can be a rough place to play. Drawing from a field of resident DJ’s at various nights around the world, it’s less friendly to dub connoisseurs and more forgiving to jockeys who want to slam banger after banger through the Void acoustics stacks that smash against it’s concrete walls.

I’m more nervous than Homage and Subtle Mind are. I’ve seen what happens when a 10 PM DJ fires off a sea of hits while his 11 PM counterpart stands there with a bag of lesser-known tunes and a “what the fuck are you trying to do” look on his face. Grant, Austin, and Paul are so bright with anticipation, they completely miss the fact that the guys before them have just played the five biggest UK house tunes on the market and are currently wrapping their set with a DNB double drop of “Marka” and “No Problem.” If this isn’t an attempt to rinse the Americans off the Croatian shores, it’s at very least a fuck all to DJ etiquette.

Instead of leaving, the jam packed room agrees with the change of pace, and the floor begins to move to tunes they’ve never heard before. Homage pays tribute to LA with a dubplate from Pure Filth founder Sam XL, while Subtle Mind showcases a tune from Cris Fern, one of the US’ best up-and-coming dubstep producers whose life was tragically cut short this year. “I didn’t know Cris Fern,” Paul tells me later on, “but he was one of us. He was a head.”

The trio expertly mixes dub after dub and the audience is fully wrapped up in a sea of new music. Homage drops a Wulf tune and it goes so hard that MC Joe Raygun demands a pullup, and somewhere thousands of miles away, the Mass crew says hello.

One of the foundational concepts we built Mass on was the idea of religious gatherings, and the greater purpose of bringing people together and creating new friendships. Looking into the crowd, I see our friends from England lining the front, our Dutch housemates dancing in the middle, our Croatian friends cutting a rug in the corner, our American friends (mostly from San Francisco and New York, with bits of Florida and DC peppered in) smiling big to stage right, and the Mass LA crew going mad at stage left.

Despite this not being a Mass show, we approached it like one, and the greatest feeling of all was bringing this diverse group of people under the Ballroom’s open air roof and watching them go nuts to dubs that best represent our sound. Despite not being on the decks, it felt like I’d curated an hour of my favorite festival on planet Earth.

More importantly, the United States made its statement – we’ve got first rate producers who can DJ with the best of them. We’ve got labels like Tuba (bossman Ric Bakir was in the house) that push the boundaries of the sound as far as any of our UK counterparts. The rise and fall of the dubstep sound on US soil didn’t “kill” the music, it filtered out all the johnny come latelys and left only the most passionate people to determine the sound’s future.

Homage and Subtle Mind are pieces of that future. They may not be the last west coast dubstep DJ’s to play an Outlook stage, but they’ll always be the first, and everyone in that room learned just how high the bar is set in the pacific time zone. America… fuck yeah.


The first mistake people make with the Bug is thinking that he’s a “dubstep” artist. The second mistake is thinking he gives a flying fuck about mixes, blends, or anything else considered to be a part of traditional DJing. The Bug wants to make lots of fucking noise. He wants to impose his will. He wants to inspire violence. In short, the Bug wants to fuck your shit up.

A barrage of dub sirens and gigantic filter sweeps fills the Clearing’s big stage soundsystem, dropping into Bug & Death Grips’ abrasive “Fuck a Bitch,” and Outlook Festival has its “there goes the neighborhood” moment.

Down on the floor, violence begins to ensue. The Mass crew goes from happy go lucky dancing to downright moshing. Teeth are gnashed and man’s primal urge to destroy takes over. In just 60 seconds, The Bug has already accomplished his mission.

Four tunes in, a deep, booming voices emerges from the giant plumes of smoke on stage. “Yo… Outlook…” Flowdan has arrived. God help us all.

Red and white lights, representing the color scheme employed on the Bug’s Angels & Demons, blast the crowd at a seizure-inducing pace. “Skeng” brings about the kind of ravenous energy seen less in dance halls and more at Slayer concerts. It’s all out war, and as outnumbered as we are, the Americans are taking it to the Brits 1776 style, slamming into everyone and getting a lot of “what the fuck m8?” looks from our UK counterparts.

The Bug’s show is just that… a show. The Bug plays the role of satanic selector, while Flowdan’s intimidating presence makes him the perfect mouthpiece. It needs space to breathe and doesn’t always translate well in more traditional dance clubs, but the fully polished product on a big stage is an experience that’s both rare and incredible.

He leaves the stage to Mala and Coki, and for the first time ever, the Digital Mystikz duo are unable to match the energy and vibe of their predecessor. If there’s one place you can’t play “Anti-War Dub,” it’s the battlefield.



Deep Medi takeovers tend to follow very strict curation, paying close attention to the vibe each artist creates with their music and style and putting them in slots where their sound is best served. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see Gantz headlining with his brand of chilled out, experimental dubstep (mixed perfectly with experimental hip hop and the occasional MF Doom standard), nor is it likely anyone but Mala or Goth-Trad will be tasked with the most critical timeslots. At a recent Medi takeover in Denver, Mala played centerpiece while Goth-Trad took on the closer role. At last year’s Outlook takeover, the two played an inspired b2b set that may have been the best dubstep set I’ve ever seen. The combination of Mala’s massive dubplates and unrivaled stage presence with Goth-Trad’s pinpoint mixing and creative approach to production makes them Deep Medi’s central 1-2 punch. It also makes them a tough act to follow.

Tasked with bringing the energy up after two gigantic performances, Swindle wasted no time jumping straight into the chaotic, jazzy sounds that have largely defined his sound. All of dubstep’s traditional rolling basslines were present, but with a barrage of 808’s and colorful synths.

It was everything a successful follow-up to Mala and Goth-Trad should be – a high energy change-of-pace. Swindle peppers in some grime and the front of the floor goes nuts. He switches to a trap-ish-but-not-trap sound, and for a rare moment, the ladies dominate the dance. Dubstep’s ratio issues have been talked about to death, but they are ever-present, and it’s awesome to see someone break the mold.

The vibes are at their rowdiest when Swindle moves into classics, many of which he uses for effective double-drops. Despite it’s age, the “Midnight Request Line” becomes its own beast when pushed through the Mungos HiFi system, and the mostly British crowd is reminded why that tune became a game-changer in their home country.

After four days of partying through the night, walking up steep hills, stepping on sharp rocks, and filling our bodies with alcohol and substances, Swindle gave us that final blast of energy we needed and left us wide awake for what followed – a special Kahn + Neek grime set with Flowdan, Novelist, and Newham Generals on mic duties.

The ultimate test of a DJ’s worth is their ability to control the vibe. It was Swindle’s responsibility to take us from deep, meditational, experimental dubstep to the in-your-face, obnoxious, impatient (in the best kind of way) sounds of grime. There wasn’t a better man for the job.




I’ve written and rewritten this article a few times, scrapping each version before deciding to focus on a small handful of my favorite moments instead of trying to capture the entire festival in an article that isn’t 700 pages long.

We’re 2 months removed from the festival. I’m well past deadline. I’ve seen Miguel Dataset a few times since and almost wanted to hide. I’m normally full of words, but Outlook left me with so few.

Instead of telling you about the stunning Croatian coastline, or the amazing and hospitable people that inhabit Pula, the farm-to-table food, the affordable prices and western-friendly exchange rate, the beautiful women…

Instead of telling you about every single set, every single moment, every single time I looked at my friends and said “wow…”

Instead of going into great detail about the boat parties, the beach parties, and the 7 AM post-party hangouts…

Instead of talking about every amazing person I met, and the ones I re-connected with…

I’ll just tell you to stop questioning yourself and get on a plane. Go forth and get out of your comfort zone. Meet people from places you couldn’t point to on a map. Make friends with people you’ll miss. Bring your friends and create memories with them you’ll talk about for the rest of your lives.

Shouts to everyone we connected with on this journey, to our hosts Boris and Goran and their friends and family (with a special one-time to the homegirl Petra), all the US fam who reached, Ricci, Archie and the UK fam, the motherfucking Dutch, the NorCal tandem of Judy and Jake, to the Outlook Festival for sorting us out big time and taking a chance on our crew, and to my Mass crewdem family Homage and Subtle Mind for representing us so well.

We’ll see you next year.

- Lonnie Hill


November 13, 2014


We had a blast at the last MASS Los Angeles event, featuring the long awaited tour stop by the Artikal crew. As we arrived, a line going around the corner full of fans ready to experience the huge sound system that could be felt vibrating from outside as .indica welcomed the anxious spectators.


The legendary J:Kenzo leading a tour integrated by EshOne, Thelem & Sleeper on a mission to distribute the heavy sub-frequencies sounds designed to be felt. As expected, the Mass LA crew once again delivered the space, sound and atmosphere required for an event of this caliber to take place.


One for the books for sure, place was packed from start to finish and great vibes all around, make sure you check the Artikal tour in your city, this group of forward thinking producers are making deep waves and you don’t want to miss it!

Check out more photos on our Facebook Gallery.


October 30, 2014


Volume 19 of the Exclusive Mix series is here, this time coming all the way from Milan, Italy, to deliver a straight to the jugular dose of proper sub-rumblers full of atmosphere and percussive details. Selected and executed by the man known as Displace, a member of “The Hooderz” crew, who artistically originated between hip hop productions and beat boxing, until found his sound in dubstep music as soon as he heard it.

Take a listen to his contribution to the Dataset series by streaming or downloading his mix below and make sure you read his small interview below for some insight of what inspires and motivates this Italian producer.

Displace – Exclusive Mix | #019 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Norberto Loardi

Best thing about mixing/ writing tunes:
When I’m in the studio I can easily leave my thoughts and problems outside, writing music has a beneficial effect on my mind, like an introspective journey about creating and searching for the right sound, editing till it reaches its perfect form, and merge all the elements to create something new from scratch, which has grown hand in hand with you. This is why I love making tunes, no matter how much time I spend on a track.
I like to have something concrete of the work I’ve done, something that people can listen to.

Your favorite studio gear:
I love my Virus TI2: bought it almost two years ago, and from that day I’ve been using it for everything. It’s fun to turn knobs and push buttons instead of using a mouse. It adds to the creative process, and the possibilities are endless!
Along side the Virus, I also love my Ableton Push controller: easy to use, and I can do everything on it without using the keyboard or mouse, better and faster.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
There are too many artists that inspire me, but if I have to pick a few, I’d say Mesck, Kryptic Minds, Biome, Warsa, D-Operation Drop, Distance, Demon, Kaiju, Perverse, Truth.. Everyone has something unique that inspired me in one way or another.
Also everyone who supports me and gives me the motivation to keep doing what I love to do.

Life changing album:
Again, It’s hard to name only one album that changed my life, cause a lot of them gave me something. Coming from a hip hop background I can say “The Platform by Dilated Peoples” was one of them. When I first heard it, I fell in love with Alchemist & Babu’s beats and from that day I decided to start producing.

Production tip for those getting started:
Start learning your tools, from your DAW of choice to your plug-ins. Less is better, so try to focus on a small range of equipment (software or hardware) and get to know them as much as you can. Doing regular sound design sessions, will help define your own sound, experiment on new techniques, Spend lots of time improving your mixing, it’s the most important part of production. Also, don’t get to hand up on having specific hardware or plugins, they won’t do miracles, it’s all about how you use what you have, that’s it.

Something people don’t know about you:
I love cook and drink coffee, and I don’t like butterflies.

Follow Displace on Soundcloud and Facebook



01 – Displace feat. Ill Chill – In the basement (dub)
02 – Kaiju – Fall guy
03 – Perverse – Tempest
04 – Icicle – Minimal dub
05 – Mesck – Lucid form
06 – Mesck – No shelter
07 – LSN – Apollo
08 – Truth feat. Ill Chill & Lelijveld – Broken
09 – Living Proof & Mesck – Solidarity (dub)
10 – Dark Harmonics feat. Dubzee – Warning
11 – Sparxy, Karnage & MarkIV – City 17
12 – Taiko – Perfect wait (Biome remix) | Forthcoming Subaltern
13 – Dubapes – Africa calling (Sparxy remix)
14 – Daega Sound – Under pressure
15 – 207 – A sample (dub)
16 – Demon – Break point
17 – D-Operation Drop – Slammer (Sparxy remix)
18 – Killawatt & Core – Akusala
19 – Feonix feat. Kaya – Eon eyes


October 28, 2014


Artikal Music – USA Tour – begins this thursday October 30th. For more information, head to J:KENZO’s Facebook page to find the complete schedule and respective event pages. The legendary J:KENZO’s Facebook page takes command of a crew of some of the most innovative producers out there, including EshOne Thelem and Sleeper, each of them guaranteed to bring unreleased gems that will have the crowd wondering what just happened as they venture inside the deep sonic projections of the Artikal crew.


Check our own EshOne’s exclusive promo mix for Trusik to get a taste of what’s to come, lots of new tunes!

Click HERE to listen


01. J:Kenzo (feat. Collinjah) – Straight Defeat
02. EshOne – Qualia
03. Skriptah – Unborn
04. Skeptical – Skavenger
05. EshOne – Monopoly
06. Sleeper – Bare Foot Dubbing
07. Sleeper – Coxone Dub
08. Ago – Backlash
09. EshOne – Cutty Dub
10. Mercy & B9 – Butterfly Kick
11. EshOne – Spar
12. EshOne – Scrap Night
13. Piecemeal (feat. Rubrica) – Miasma
14. EshOne – Sinking


October 18, 2014


Some news from New Zealand via our man Bulletproof, who just released this video for his track “Lessons (Feat. Tali)” from his latest full length Album, #Listen out now on EMI.

To top it all off, Bulletproof just decided to make his BPDR album free on his soundcloud.
You can preview it below:

Make sure you follow Bulletproof for more updates on upcoming releases, including a BPDR Part 2 coming up shortly.