April 19, 2016


All the way from Ljubljana, Slovenia, we are humbled to be able to showcase Mark and Daniel’s DJ/ Production duo known as DubDiggerz. I must confess that I first caught on to their sounds via the amazing graphic design work behind their Bass Warz (on-line radio show), which led me to their Deep End night, also featuring spotless branding. These guys are passionate about their sound and they put a lot of care into all the aspects surrounding it. This installment of the Exclusive Mix Series brings a selection of wet, dubby atmospheres capable of make you question reality through precise use of deep frequency sounds. But enough intro, let’s dig in!


Real name:
DubDiggerz (Mark Divjak & Daniel Grintal)

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
The best thing about making tunes is that you will never know what it will be in the end, during the whole process we are filled with constant enjoyment in discovering new vibes. Mixing tunes that’s another story.. the best thing is when the next drop is coming and u know what is coming . . .

Your favorite studio gear:
Fav studio gear us ableton live and moog.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
King Tubby, Sex Pistols, Mala, Dave Brubeck, Twinkle Brothers, Lee Scratch Perry, Tunnidge, Truth, Distance, Commodo, DOT, JoeNice, BORIS with sound system and a lot others that we didn’t mention . . .

Life changing album:
Daniel: King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Mark: Sepultura – Roots

DubDiggerz Exclusive Mix for Dataset from Dataset on Vimeo.

Production tip:
Having your sounds organized helps a lot. You want to be able to work fast if you have an idea. It’s the worst when you don’t find the right sounds, because then you can easily loose the feeling of the track. We think the first 45-minutes of a work session is the most essential part in the process of writing music. So, in order to catch the moment, have your sounds in order. Don’t overwork it; rather simplify than complicate things.

Something people don’t know about you:
We are not brothers.

Favorite food joint:
Dobra Vila ( Made in Šiška)

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01. DubDiggerz – Symbolic Dub (dub)
02. DubDiggerz – Up and Dub VIP (dub)
03. DubDiggerz – Tuffer’ than Tuff (dub)
04. DubDiggerz – Symbolic Dub (dub)
05. RawLand – Feedback Skank (forthcoming DeepEnd!)
06. Mikael – Stare (free)
07. DubDiggerz – Clockwork V (dub)
08. DubDiggerz – Symbolic Dub (dub)
09. Dubbing Sun & Digid – Dread Come Again (dub)
10. DubDiggerz – Ely (dub)
11. Compa – Noctule (DeepMedi)
12. DubDiggerz – Dark Dawn (dub)
13. Akcept & Sound Unknown – Shook (dub)
14. DubDiggerz – In Temi (dub)
15. OldGold – Threat (DMVU rmx) (dub)
16. unknown – unknown
17. FLO – Ahn Qiraj (forthcoming DeepEnd!)
18. DubDiggerz – Nothing to F… with You (dub)
19. Malleus & Saule – Bad Kids (forthcoming GourmetBeats)
20. LAS – Your Eyes (InnamindRecordings)
21. EshOne – Munich (dub)
22. DubDiggerz – MoonTalk (forthcoming DeepEnd!)
23. DubDiggerz – 5Witch (dub)
24. EshOne x Axh – The Medallion (dub)
25. TRUTH & Dutty Ranks – Vibes is Right (dub)
26. unknown – unknown
27. DubDiggerz – Hijoshikina (dub)
28. Blacks & Jendor ft. DubDiggerz – MoshPit instrumental (dub)
29. DYAD – Stumble (Feonix rmx) (Untied dub)
30. Dubbacle – Bride dub VIP (dub)
31. DubDiggerz – 40hz Burn (dub)
31. Leon Switch – Intrepid (Chestplate)
32. Tunnidge – Stone Circle
33. DubDiggerz – Le Hospital (dub
34. Blacks ft. Spooky – Boss
35. VIVEK – Against the Tide (Gantz rmx) (dub)
36. DOT. – Fortune (dub)


October 9, 2015


Back from a dope tour across Japan, shop is back online and to celebrate we are doing another one of our instagram contests. You can win everything you see on this photo, all you have to do is repost this image on your feed, follow the instructions here. Hurry up, contest ends Friday October 16, 2015


September 12, 2015


We are on tour across Japan and we won’t be able to ship store orders till we are back on October 4th. We apologise for the inconvenience. We will be back soon with new products and new designs!

You may still place your order, if you want, we will ship it when we get back. Thanks for understanding and for the support.

The Dataset Team.


June 25, 2015


We just launched the first of several collaboration t-shirts we will be releasing in the next few months. The “Neo Jungle Tokyo” T-shirt, is a collaboration with our friends at Kaizan Records a small crew out in tokyo who is pushing system shows in the area. The shirt also commemorates their CD release which you can preview below and purchase here: Amazon JP. The T-shirt is a rare limited edition made in Japan and can only be purchased via Kaizan Records.




April 28, 2015


Long overdue, volume 23 of the Exclusive Mix is here and this time we increase the tempo to match the sounds of Chorux. A San Diego based producer / dj that I was fortunate to see DJ at a few events here and there, before I just had to extend an invite his way to do a mix after hearing a couple of really good tunes I’ve never heard before being dropped during his sets.

The tunes in question were written by him and just got released on none other than Warm Communications as Chorux‘s debut EP entitled Polaris which is getting lots of support from big names in the scene.

Chorux – Exclusive Mix | #023 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name: 
Alex James Page

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes: 
The best thing about making tunes is when someone is moved by your music. I got into making music because of songs that really moved me, and the release on Warm Communications has given me the opportunity to have my tunes heard by people all over the world, even artists I’m a fan of. Some of them are now playing them out in their DJ sets, which is amazing. It’s always been mostly just to have fun, but when others are really feeling something you made, that’s the best part. 

In regards to your Polaris EP release, I know you have been getting lots of support by some big names like Blu Mar Ten, Quadrant & Subtone to name a few, did this come by surprise? How does this impact you as an artist and your motivation to continue to produce more material?
Oh yea, it came as a huge surprise! Them as well as EastColors, Stealth, Mutated Forms, even Jenna G on her radio show on Reform Radio in Manchester, and a lot of big names who have given great feedback. To hear that and to have my tunes being played out by artists I look up to is amazing and totally surreal. It’s definitely something I could get used to, and certainly motivates me and encourages me to keep going.

What’s next for you on both the production / dj fronts?
Not a lot of gigs at the moment, but I should have some stuff lined up pretty soon. I’m working on some new music which I’m really excited about. I have started the initial plans for a second release on Warm Communications, which will come out on vinyl and hopefully by the end of the year if all goes as planned. So keep it locked for that.

I may have read somewhere that you also play in a non-electronic music project, is this correct? If so, can you tell me a bit more about this other project? What are elements of playing in a live band that you find useful when djing and vice versa?
Yea, I play in a sort of punk surf rock band with some buddies of mine called Mooncrier on the side. I play synths and keys in it, so it is a little bit electronic and not too far off from dnb in that regard. :) Obviously all the synthesis and sound design stuff I’ve learned from making dnb helps in writing stuff for the band, but I think most of all, it’s just really refreshing to jam and play music with others in a live format. In dnb I produce solo and DJ to perform. I used to play in bands in high school before I got into electronic music, and when I got into production, it was refreshing to not have to deal with other band members. Just make beats and be in charge of everything. I guess it does get lonely sometimes though. Haha.

Your favorite studio gear:
Virus TI2, NI Komplete, Serum, UA Plugins, Camelphat, Cableguys and Addictive Drums. I use lots of different stuff to try to keep things fresh, but these are always my ‘go-tos’.


What artist inspires/motivates you: 
I’m always trying to hear new music as often as possible, and I’m inspired by tons of artists from all different styles. 

As far as dnb, I definitely have to give it up for Break. He’s been putting out tunes with his own signature sound that, in my opinion, have always been on a whole other level, for as long as I’ve been listening to drum n bass and he’s STILL leading the pack. Without question, the most influential for me. DLR has always been at the top of the list as well since Octane & DLR, and his new album is ridiculously good. And Spectrasoul are definitely some of my all-time favorite producers. Their complete sound over the span of their catalog has been like nothing else, and I can’t wait for their new album.

Outside of dnb, I’m a big fan of anything from Burial, Four Tet, Bob Moses, Bonobo, Tycho, Of Monsters And Men, Matrimony. I’m really loving Sufjan Stevens and Death Cab For Cutie’s new albums. I love Interpol and Imogen Heap’s newest albums (though not so new now). I love everything I’ve heard from Jamie XX’s new forthcoming album. And a rather brand new band that I’ve been loving, The Erised, is a group that I can’t recommend enough if you haven’t checked them out yet. So good!

I like that your musical influences are pretty broad overall, this makes me wonder, what made you dive into dnb? What do you get from it that perhaps you don’t get from other genres?
It’s just simply the most intense and stimulating music I’ve ever heard to this day, and it only gets better the deeper you dig. I got into it through going to raves and parties in LA and SD, and like many people I found that the music in most of the rooms were okay, really nothing special, but the dnb room and the vibe I caught early on was totally different and just really made a huge impact on me. Having said that, I do think it’s important to keep your tastes varied when it comes to music. Listening to just dnb or even just electronic music is not for me. I get really bored of only listening to one thing. There’s so much great music out there and I think that the more broad a range of styles you can learn to appreciate, the better each one of them sounds when you hear them. We all know what happens when something gets overplayed, right?

Life changing album: 
Sigur Ros – ( )

Production tip: 
Don’t get into the habit of becoming too wrapped up with certain tricks or techniques and thinking that you should always be using them. This is true for pretty much everything, and the best examples are the common tools like EQ and compression. Obviously there are a few hard and fast rules here and there, but you should always remember to EQ, compress, process, etc WITH purpose. 

Something people don’t know about you: 
I have a serious fear of heights. 

Favorite food joint: 
Man, that’s a tough one. There are literally too many good places to eat in San Diego, it’s always so hard to choose. Tacos La Mezcla is a gourmet street taco truck that comes to a bar right outside my place almost every weekend, and I seriously eat there two days in a row if they’re out there. Amazing.

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Dataset Exclusive Mix #023: Chorux from Dataset on Vimeo.


01. Kelis – Change (Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris Remix) [Ninja Tune]
02. Mefjus – Blame You feat Zoe Klinck (Ivy Lab Remix) [Critical Music]
03. Mako – What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Break Remix) [Warm Communications]
04. Chorux – Away From The Light [Warm Communications]
05. Future Signal – Monopole [IM:Ltd]
06. Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Clusterfunk [Vision Recordings]
07. SCAR – Call It What You Want [Dispatch Recordings]
08. Cursa – Distance [Invisible Recordings]
09. Sunchase – Thing feat Electrosoul System [Med School]
10. DLR – Human Error feat Break [Dispatch Recordings]
11. Trilo – Voice Freak [Dust Audio]
12. Spectrasoul – Organiser [Critical Music]
13. Ivy Lab – Gomeisa [Critical Music]
14. Gerra & Stone – Long Game [Dispatch Recordings]
15. Break – Strictly Entertainment [Playaz]
16. DRS feat Enei – Count To Ten VIP [Soul:r]
17. Lockjaw – Obsidian [Invisible Recordings]
18. Spectrasoul – Guardian [Metalheadz]
19. Artificial Intelligence – What You Had feat Steo (Lenzman Remix) [Metalheadz]
20. Chorux – Don’t Even Know [Warm Communications]
21. Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack [Metalheadz]
22. DLR – Ask The Question feat Fokus [Dispatch Recordings]
23. Quadrant & Iris – Genesis Wave [Dispatch Recordings]
24. Villem – Splinter In Your Mind (Break Remix) [Ingredients]
25. Lynx feat Fats & Deeizm – All For You [Detail Recordings]
26. Chorux – Polaris [Warm Communications]
27. Gerra & Stone – Running Back [Ram Records]
28. Eastcolors, Traffic & Noel feat Messy MC – Dreams [Demand Records]
29. Chorux – It’s All Happening [Warm Communications]
30. Bredren – Source Code [Proximity Recordings]
31. Octane, DLR & Break – Murmur (Break & DLR VIP) [Dispatch Recordings]
32. Nymfo – On A Chase [C.I.A. Records]
33. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – Obsolete VIP [C.I.A. Records]
34. Spectrasoul – Always [Shogun Audio]

➜ Preview Polaris EP, Out now on Warm Communications

➜ Support this release on Beatport / iTunes / Juno / Digital Tunes


March 10, 2015


Volume 22 of the Exclusive Mix for Dataset by LA based DJ & Producer, Pavarotti. A seasoned DJ, handpicked by the legendary Smog crew to preserve the original dubstep sound, push it forward, and maintain dubplate culture.
We’ve asked him a while back to share a mix for us, but due to school, a busy schedule of shows and finishing some new tunes, it took a bit longer than expected but after hearing it, we can see it was more than worth it. Pavarotti‘s drive to deliver a strong mix can be felt on the speakers with every track selection.

Pavarotti (feat. Ill Chill) – Exclusive Mix | #022 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Daniel Vecchia Bisbing

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes: Complete creative freedom and giving life to sound.

Your favorite studio gear:
UAD products

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Influential People:
Drew Best, Jared Pittack, Joe Knights, Taurus Scott, John Dadzie, Cory Artsay, Danny Johson, Chris Morley, Mitch Dryer, Eric McEntee, Finnoh Bangura, Jemayel Khäwåja, Salar Saeidi, Organized Grime family, George Adrian, Casy G.

Pete Rock, Alix Perez, J Dilla, Lost, G Jones, Thelem, Sleeper, Joker, Deafblind, Biome, Kromestar, DMZ, Bukez Finest, Bisweed,

Roc Raida, A-Trak, Youngsta, N-Type, Joe Nice, 12th Planet, Shivers, Hatcha, Megalodon, The X-Ecutioners, J:Kenzo

Life changing album:
Jaylib – Champion Sound / Kromestar – Colorful Vibrations / A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory / GZA – Liquid Swords / Nirvana – Bleach / Daft Punk Alive 1997

Production tip:
Fix everything in the mix, never the master.

You have been working on a few new tunes for sometime and wanted to get them ready before jumping on this mix. Can you tell me a bit about the tracks?
I have been in the process of wrapping up Lion Dub and Tiger Claw for quite some time. Tiger Claw was nearly done then I reached out to III Chill to jump on it, I really love his addition to the song. Lion Dub is one of my favorite tracks, yet I don’t know if I will ever be happy with the mix down.

Can you tell me a bit of your production process?
My production process always starts with creating the atmosphere and getting the vibe going. Once I have this formulated everything usually flows freely and I am then able to get all of my ideas out.

Something people don’t know about you:
Im from Takoma Park, Maryland

Favorite food:
Hot Wings / Nachos / Burritos

➜ Follow Pavarotti on Soundcloud


01.Breakage – Hardcore Music
02.Sleeper – Check It (Forthcoming Crucial Recs)
03.Oxossi – The Beginning Of The End (Dub)
04.Pavarotti – Astro (Dub)
05.Content x Deafblind – Shanghai Noon (Dub)
06.Bukez Finest – Dungeon Dave (Dub)
07.VGB – Twist (Dub)
08.Sqz Me – Desert Eagle (Dub)
09.Wulf – Ego (Dub)
10.Pavarotti – Tantric Bells (Dub)
11.Indica – Pineapple Dub (Dub)
12.Squarewave – Mega City (Dub)
13.Lost & Hatcha – Gaint Orbs (Dub)
14.Chad Dubz & DTR – Durga (Dub)
15.Malleus – Vodun (Dub)
16.Chad Dubz – Transcending [Ill Chill VIP] (Dub)
17.Indica & Wulf – No Limit (Dub)
18.Bisweed – Magnetic Field VIP (Dub)
19.Lost – Make Me So (Say Yes) (Dub)
20.Lost – Titan Riddim (Dub)
21.Squarewave – Energy Systems (Dub)
22.Pavarotti – Tiger Claw feat III Chill (Dub)
23.Helktram – Motion (Dub)
24.Mershak – Bedlam (Dub)
25.Genetix – Dreadbomb (Forthcoming)
26.Bukez Finezt – Under Control (Sleeper Remix) (Dub)
27.Mershak – Know Dem (Dub)
28.Pavarotti & TLZR – Untitled (Dub)
29.Disposition & JSM – Japan (Dub)
30.Genetix – Feelings (Dub)
31.Arkwright – Detroit (Dub)
32.Pavarotti – Lion Dub (Dub)


March 9, 2015

Southern California based producer/ dj ESGAR (you might remember him from his Exclusive MIX) just dropped a new tune/ video and it’s sounding really dope, 92bpm vibes.

Check out Esgar’s Soundcloud page for more of his productions, always heaters!

And if you haven’t heard it yet, check out this remix he did for DJ Pound

MASS – Bassweight Battle

March 8, 2015


We got some photos from the 6BLOCC VS. JOE NICE – MASS VS. SUB.MISSION show by MASS LA.

Apologies for the delay, it took a while but they are up now and you can check em out on our facebook page. Massive soundsystem and nothing but great vibes as expected from the MASS crew, always from the heart!




February 23, 2015


It’s been a while since our last feature and we are stoked to welcome Crix Saiz, representing the Alburquerque, NM area. I met Chris at one of the Freaky Tiki Bass nights by the Rude Behavior crew, after a visit to the Elk Beats HQ. I’ve heard great things about this crew and was great to experience the great vibes, a passionate community the knows how to throw it down. During the night I remember asking Donnie EshOne if he knew the tune being played and he kept saying it was all original from Cris himself (or some collaboration between both of of them as well). But enough chit chat, let’s get down to the tunes, on this 21st installment of the Exclusive Mix series.

Crix Saiz – Exclusive Mix | #021 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Chris Saiz

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
The best thing for me has always been the feeling you get when you start to control a crowd and make them move to your sound. Then, to top that off, once you start throwing your own tunes into the mix its game over!

Your favorite studio gear:
Lovin’ my Mackie studio monitors, I’d be lost without them.
Sound game strong.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
If I had to go back way back, I would say Dillinja was always one of my biggest inspirations even still to this day. The sounds of Matty G and J:Kenzo have also been huge inspirations as far as my 140 production goes.

Life changing album:
Generation Dub – The Deliverance EP blew my mind when I was younger and definitely changed my life in some way.

Production tip:
Always try and switch the style up even if it be the BPM of a track or a sound you’re not familiar with.

Something people don’t know about you:
I am one of the original founding members of the ‘Burque Shore House’

Favorite food joint:
I am a huge fan of sopapillas, and there is a local joint called El Modelo that makes the meanest stuffed sopapilla you could ever ask for!

Follow Crix Saiz on Soundcloud


01. Crix Saiz – Clavomatic
02. Chase & Status ft. Delilah – Time (Crix Saiz Refix)
03. Crix Saiz – Chyeah Mon
04. EshOne Vs Trim – Notice Now Bootleg
05. Crix Saiz – Dun Know
06. Crix Saiz – Creature Talk
07. Crix Saiz Vs Big H – Been Doing This (feat. Flirta D, Meridian Dan & Footsie) Bootleg
08. EshOne – Scrap Night
09. Crix Saiz Vs Wiley – Boom Boom Da Na Bootleg
10. Crix Saiz & EshOne – White Lion
11. Crix Saiz – Papa Skengba
12. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Throwd
13. Crix Saiz – Buckshots
14. Crix Saiz & Cstepa Vs Tempa T – Next Hype Bootleg
15. Crix Saiz – Burd Game
16. EshOne – Rungs
17. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Wax Bowls
18. Crix Saiz – Lil Yellow
19 Crix Saiz Vs Lethal Bizzle – Pow Bootleg
20. EshOne – Monopoly
21. Crix Saiz & Cstepa – Power’s Stoopid
22. Crix Saiz Vs Skepta ft D Double E – Thats Not Me Bootleg


January 26, 2015


The long awaited Coach Jacket by Dataset is now open for pre-order in our shop. Comfortable and water-repellent, pair it with a hoodie in the winter or wear it open with a shirt underneath on warmer days. Made of polyester shell lined with thin jersey fabric with mesh insets for a beathable / lightweight feel. Featuring a hidden “Stash Pocket”.
Black “Low Frequency Resistance” label in the front, minimal typographic print in the back, so you can rep, front row at the next sound system show.


Available for pre-order till Feb. 10th, should be ready for shipping by the end of February.

We think these jackets run a bit baggy (compared to our fitted style shirts) so you can pair it over a hoodie on colder days, Consider order a size down, Please check the measurements below to make sure you get the right size.