The spark that started Dataset, goes back to my first experiences making graphics and extracting sounds from a Commodore 64 during childhood. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, but graphic design and music were always present some way or another throughout the years. Soon I found myself doing logos, album covers, event posters and other visual elements for my producing/ djing friends and although, it never felt like one, somehow that became my job. As a graphic designer I always felt I had a stronger connection with other producers because I was writing tunes myself, and while I don’t make tunes professionally it’s still a hobby for me to this day.


The love of writing beats, the connection transcending cultural and geographic barriers, that is catalyzed by and expressed through sound manipulation. The rumble on your chest coming from frequencies that can not live on laptop speakers. The amount of time and effort spent on throwing a show, motivated only by the desire to see a crowd bouncing to your tunes. These are the feelings I connect with and without them, there is no underground. I decided to start Dataset in December 2010, to keep these feelings alive, to collaborate and support music artists that keep the scene going. The same scene that inspires this project to move forward.

Miguel Vega
Founder/ Designer/ Producer