March 10, 2015


Volume 22 of the Exclusive Mix for Dataset by LA based DJ & Producer, Pavarotti. A seasoned DJ, handpicked by the legendary Smog crew to preserve the original dubstep sound, push it forward, and maintain dubplate culture.
We’ve asked him a while back to share a mix for us, but due to school, a busy schedule of shows and finishing some new tunes, it took a bit longer than expected but after hearing it, we can see it was more than worth it. Pavarotti‘s drive to deliver a strong mix can be felt on the speakers with every track selection.

Pavarotti (feat. Ill Chill) – Exclusive Mix | #022 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Daniel Vecchia Bisbing

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes: Complete creative freedom and giving life to sound.

Your favorite studio gear:
UAD products

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Influential People:
Drew Best, Jared Pittack, Joe Knights, Taurus Scott, John Dadzie, Cory Artsay, Danny Johson, Chris Morley, Mitch Dryer, Eric McEntee, Finnoh Bangura, Jemayel Khäwåja, Salar Saeidi, Organized Grime family, George Adrian, Casy G.

Pete Rock, Alix Perez, J Dilla, Lost, G Jones, Thelem, Sleeper, Joker, Deafblind, Biome, Kromestar, DMZ, Bukez Finest, Bisweed,

Roc Raida, A-Trak, Youngsta, N-Type, Joe Nice, 12th Planet, Shivers, Hatcha, Megalodon, The X-Ecutioners, J:Kenzo

Life changing album:
Jaylib – Champion Sound / Kromestar – Colorful Vibrations / A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory / GZA – Liquid Swords / Nirvana – Bleach / Daft Punk Alive 1997

Production tip:
Fix everything in the mix, never the master.

You have been working on a few new tunes for sometime and wanted to get them ready before jumping on this mix. Can you tell me a bit about the tracks?
I have been in the process of wrapping up Lion Dub and Tiger Claw for quite some time. Tiger Claw was nearly done then I reached out to III Chill to jump on it, I really love his addition to the song. Lion Dub is one of my favorite tracks, yet I don’t know if I will ever be happy with the mix down.

Can you tell me a bit of your production process?
My production process always starts with creating the atmosphere and getting the vibe going. Once I have this formulated everything usually flows freely and I am then able to get all of my ideas out.

Something people don’t know about you:
Im from Takoma Park, Maryland

Favorite food:
Hot Wings / Nachos / Burritos

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01.Breakage – Hardcore Music
02.Sleeper – Check It (Forthcoming Crucial Recs)
03.Oxossi – The Beginning Of The End (Dub)
04.Pavarotti – Astro (Dub)
05.Content x Deafblind – Shanghai Noon (Dub)
06.Bukez Finest – Dungeon Dave (Dub)
07.VGB – Twist (Dub)
08.Sqz Me – Desert Eagle (Dub)
09.Wulf – Ego (Dub)
10.Pavarotti – Tantric Bells (Dub)
11.Indica – Pineapple Dub (Dub)
12.Squarewave – Mega City (Dub)
13.Lost & Hatcha – Gaint Orbs (Dub)
14.Chad Dubz & DTR – Durga (Dub)
15.Malleus – Vodun (Dub)
16.Chad Dubz – Transcending [Ill Chill VIP] (Dub)
17.Indica & Wulf – No Limit (Dub)
18.Bisweed – Magnetic Field VIP (Dub)
19.Lost – Make Me So (Say Yes) (Dub)
20.Lost – Titan Riddim (Dub)
21.Squarewave – Energy Systems (Dub)
22.Pavarotti – Tiger Claw feat III Chill (Dub)
23.Helktram – Motion (Dub)
24.Mershak – Bedlam (Dub)
25.Genetix – Dreadbomb (Forthcoming)
26.Bukez Finezt – Under Control (Sleeper Remix) (Dub)
27.Mershak – Know Dem (Dub)
28.Pavarotti & TLZR – Untitled (Dub)
29.Disposition & JSM – Japan (Dub)
30.Genetix – Feelings (Dub)
31.Arkwright – Detroit (Dub)
32.Pavarotti – Lion Dub (Dub)


February 23, 2015


It’s been a while since our last feature and we are stoked to welcome Crix Saiz, representing the Alburquerque, NM area. I met Chris at one of the Freaky Tiki Bass nights by the Rude Behavior crew, after a visit to the Elk Beats HQ. I’ve heard great things about this crew and was great to experience the great vibes, a passionate community the knows how to throw it down. During the night I remember asking Donnie EshOne if he knew the tune being played and he kept saying it was all original from Cris himself (or some collaboration between both of of them as well). But enough chit chat, let’s get down to the tunes, on this 21st installment of the Exclusive Mix series.

Crix Saiz – Exclusive Mix | #021 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Chris Saiz

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
The best thing for me has always been the feeling you get when you start to control a crowd and make them move to your sound. Then, to top that off, once you start throwing your own tunes into the mix its game over!

Your favorite studio gear:
Lovin’ my Mackie studio monitors, I’d be lost without them.
Sound game strong.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
If I had to go back way back, I would say Dillinja was always one of my biggest inspirations even still to this day. The sounds of Matty G and J:Kenzo have also been huge inspirations as far as my 140 production goes.

Life changing album:
Generation Dub – The Deliverance EP blew my mind when I was younger and definitely changed my life in some way.

Production tip:
Always try and switch the style up even if it be the BPM of a track or a sound you’re not familiar with.

Something people don’t know about you:
I am one of the original founding members of the ‘Burque Shore House’

Favorite food joint:
I am a huge fan of sopapillas, and there is a local joint called El Modelo that makes the meanest stuffed sopapilla you could ever ask for!

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01. Crix Saiz – Clavomatic
02. Chase & Status ft. Delilah – Time (Crix Saiz Refix)
03. Crix Saiz – Chyeah Mon
04. EshOne Vs Trim – Notice Now Bootleg
05. Crix Saiz – Dun Know
06. Crix Saiz – Creature Talk
07. Crix Saiz Vs Big H – Been Doing This (feat. Flirta D, Meridian Dan & Footsie) Bootleg
08. EshOne – Scrap Night
09. Crix Saiz Vs Wiley – Boom Boom Da Na Bootleg
10. Crix Saiz & EshOne – White Lion
11. Crix Saiz – Papa Skengba
12. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Throwd
13. Crix Saiz – Buckshots
14. Crix Saiz & Cstepa Vs Tempa T – Next Hype Bootleg
15. Crix Saiz – Burd Game
16. EshOne – Rungs
17. Crix Saiz & High-Fi – Wax Bowls
18. Crix Saiz – Lil Yellow
19 Crix Saiz Vs Lethal Bizzle – Pow Bootleg
20. EshOne – Monopoly
21. Crix Saiz & Cstepa – Power’s Stoopid
22. Crix Saiz Vs Skepta ft D Double E – Thats Not Me Bootleg


November 30, 2014

Dataset_Exclusive_Mix #020

We got another Exclusive Mix up for grabs, this time coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan by Halu.
All in, on a mission to spread the sounds of Drum n’ Bass in the land of the rising sun, she is full of energy and her passion for the sound comes through on this mix. Don’t let the innocent looking cover deceive you, volume 20 of the Exclusive Mix series comes down HARD! Check the interview below while you blast this one on your system.

Halu – Exclusive Mix | #020 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Haluna Toyoda

Best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Trusting yourself and your senses is important to create art, same goes for DJing.
Sometimes even daily frustrations come into play and I channel them into my music. It’s a relief, a way to express myself.

What should we know about Tokyo’s bass scene?
In Tokyo, bass scene is going well. EDM is what’s most popular, but bass music events are getting stronger. People in Japan are getting more interested in the sound. I want to make a difference for Drum’n’bass scene in Japan!

Your favorite studio gear:
Right now, I’m really enjoying my Audio technica ATH-PRO5MK3 BK. Great sound and looks, size and padding are great for me!

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Mefjus, Rockwell,and DJ MIYU on the music side, but I’m also very inspired by visual artists like
Hokusai Katsushika, BANKSY, Keith Haring and photography.

Life changing album:
Netsky/2. was the first time I was able to buy a full drum n’bass album.

Production tip:
I think, performance is art. You have to be able to keep an open outlook.
If you wanna be a artist, feeding the mind is important to grow your sound.

Something people don’t know about you:
Besides being a Dnb DJ, I’m also Painter, and a Dancer.

Favorite food joint:
I often go to Hubbie Bubbie shops to hang with friends, burgers, sodas and hubbie bubbie with chai!

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01. Frozen (feat. Diane Charlemagne)/S.P.Y
02. 64 Thousand Dollar Habit (feat. Secret Handshake Club)/June Miller
03. Transmission/Prolix & Mob Tactics
04. Dissuade/Mefjus
05. Operation Ivy/June Miller
06. Some Kind Of A Psycho (Original Mix)/Eleventh Sun
07. Eden/Computer Artists
08. Lead Us (Audio Remix)/Black Sun Empire & Noisia
09. Buffalo Charge/Dub Phizix & Strategy
10. Bounce/Dub Phizix & Strategy
11. Deadlock/Misanthrop
12. Timeloop/Hybris
13. Melt/L 33
14. Hot Plate/Enei
15. End of kingdom/TLOC & HALU
16. Sirius/Agressor Bunx
17. Flink/Fre4knc
18. Timeline (Optiv & BTK Remix)/Dementia & Rregula
19. Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix)/Rregula, Dementia & Disphonia
20. Hyperion (KNOXX Remix)/Dubscribe


October 30, 2014


Volume 19 of the Exclusive Mix series is here, this time coming all the way from Milan, Italy, to deliver a straight to the jugular dose of proper sub-rumblers full of atmosphere and percussive details. Selected and executed by the man known as Displace, a member of “The Hooderz” crew, who artistically originated between hip hop productions and beat boxing, until found his sound in dubstep music as soon as he heard it.

Take a listen to his contribution to the Dataset series by streaming or downloading his mix below and make sure you read his small interview below for some insight of what inspires and motivates this Italian producer.

Displace – Exclusive Mix | #019 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Norberto Loardi

Best thing about mixing/ writing tunes:
When I’m in the studio I can easily leave my thoughts and problems outside, writing music has a beneficial effect on my mind, like an introspective journey about creating and searching for the right sound, editing till it reaches its perfect form, and merge all the elements to create something new from scratch, which has grown hand in hand with you. This is why I love making tunes, no matter how much time I spend on a track.
I like to have something concrete of the work I’ve done, something that people can listen to.

Your favorite studio gear:
I love my Virus TI2: bought it almost two years ago, and from that day I’ve been using it for everything. It’s fun to turn knobs and push buttons instead of using a mouse. It adds to the creative process, and the possibilities are endless!
Along side the Virus, I also love my Ableton Push controller: easy to use, and I can do everything on it without using the keyboard or mouse, better and faster.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
There are too many artists that inspire me, but if I have to pick a few, I’d say Mesck, Kryptic Minds, Biome, Warsa, D-Operation Drop, Distance, Demon, Kaiju, Perverse, Truth.. Everyone has something unique that inspired me in one way or another.
Also everyone who supports me and gives me the motivation to keep doing what I love to do.

Life changing album:
Again, It’s hard to name only one album that changed my life, cause a lot of them gave me something. Coming from a hip hop background I can say “The Platform by Dilated Peoples” was one of them. When I first heard it, I fell in love with Alchemist & Babu’s beats and from that day I decided to start producing.

Production tip for those getting started:
Start learning your tools, from your DAW of choice to your plug-ins. Less is better, so try to focus on a small range of equipment (software or hardware) and get to know them as much as you can. Doing regular sound design sessions, will help define your own sound, experiment on new techniques, Spend lots of time improving your mixing, it’s the most important part of production. Also, don’t get to hand up on having specific hardware or plugins, they won’t do miracles, it’s all about how you use what you have, that’s it.

Something people don’t know about you:
I love cook and drink coffee, and I don’t like butterflies.

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01 – Displace feat. Ill Chill – In the basement (dub)
02 – Kaiju – Fall guy
03 – Perverse – Tempest
04 – Icicle – Minimal dub
05 – Mesck – Lucid form
06 – Mesck – No shelter
07 – LSN – Apollo
08 – Truth feat. Ill Chill & Lelijveld – Broken
09 – Living Proof & Mesck – Solidarity (dub)
10 – Dark Harmonics feat. Dubzee – Warning
11 – Sparxy, Karnage & MarkIV – City 17
12 – Taiko – Perfect wait (Biome remix) | Forthcoming Subaltern
13 – Dubapes – Africa calling (Sparxy remix)
14 – Daega Sound – Under pressure
15 – 207 – A sample (dub)
16 – Demon – Break point
17 – D-Operation Drop – Slammer (Sparxy remix)
18 – Killawatt & Core – Akusala
19 – Feonix feat. Kaya – Eon eyes


July 16, 2014


Very excited about volume 18th of our Exclusive Mix Series, this time featuring a duo from Japan.
DJ Largemouth and MC D2 came together to form Kaizan Records in their native Kanagawa, the far eastern heartland of Japan where the Kanto mountains meet the Pacific. Together, they have been producing and broadcasting their sound to the fast moving scene by releasing tunes through a variety of mediums while continuing to perform regularly at crucial gigs on the Tokyo circuit.

Their mix offers a unique perspective to the sounds circulating in the Japanese underground at the moment, so crank the volume up, and enjoy Large Mouth & MC D2 mix for Dataset Clothing.

Large Mouth & MC D2 – Exclusive Mix | #018 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real Name:
Takuya Sekine (LARGE MOUTH)
Masanori Kodama (MC D2)

How did you guys met?
We became acquainted through music. We happen to live close by so we became friends
very quickly, and now we make tunes together.

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
We love the feel that comes with completing our vision when working on a tune that represents our passion for drum n bass, regardless of what kind of music is popular at the moment.

Your favorite studio gear:
Plug-ins and WAVES Cubase 7 has to be our favorite studio equipment.
(BM12 mkIII) also our DYNAUDIO monitors.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Drum and Bass artists like DOM & ROLAND and BREAK.(LARGE MOUTH)
SKIBADEE and any other MC that shows love for drum and bass.(MC D2)

Life changing album:
MSX00.1 – 10th Anniversary Special Edition on MOVING SHADOW (LARGE MOUTH)
Reprazent – New Forms from RONI SIZE(MC D2)

Production tip:
We prefer to keep those a secret.

Something people don’t know about you:
We run KAIZAN RECORDS, The Dn’B scene in Japan is still small, so running a label is a big challenge for us, but we work hard to spread our sound across the globe.

What do you guys enjoy doing when you are not making music?
Skateboarding, fishing, shopping and we like to travel too.

If you could go anywhere in the world to play your music, where would you go and why?
I would love to visit England, because of music. It’s where Drum ‘n’ Bass originated!

Favorite food joint?
Alpine Jiro of soup or curry, It’s a shop selling skewers of barbecued chicken and stuff.

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01.BURST – Large Mouth / Kaizan Records(Dub)
02.Heads Up – Audio / RAM Records
03.Nuclear Rod Collapse – PROJECT 71 & EXFEED & CLEAGE / Dabro Music
04.Everyone – L Plus / Technique Recordings
05.Haphazard – Dose / Commercial Suicide
06.Outsider – Large Mouth & Mc D2 / Kaizan Records
07.Terminate – D Minds / DStyle
08.Stampede – Audio / RAM Records
09.Headroom (Audio Vip Remix) – Cause4Concern / Virus Recordings
10.Judgement – Large Mouth & Mc D2 Feat Master Z / Kaizan Records
11.Above Earth – State Of Mind & Chris.Su / Fate Recordings
12.Beyond Thunderdome (Origin Sin Remix) – Dieselboy & Bare / Subhuman
13.Rinsin Star – Crissy Criss / Technique Recordings
14.Ice Cream – Cyantific / Cyn Music
15.Independent Vip – Large Mouth & Subb1 Feat Mostmcs / Kaizan Records
16.Takedown – Locuzzed / Mainframe Recordings
17.Doom Loop – Rregula & Dementia & Disphonia / Citrus Recordings
18.Term – Current Value / Subsistenz
19.Dogfight – Threts / Serotone Recordings
20.Awareness – Large Mouth & Mc d2 Feat Mc Cardz / Kaizan Records
22.Put Them Up – The FLO / Heavy Artillery Recordings
23.Sinestesia – Maztek / Dutty Audio
24.Rolling Factory (Rregula Remix) / Large Mouth & Mc D2 / Kaizan Records
25.Midnight Nation (2am Remix) – Optiv & Btk / Commercial Suicide
26.Ridden – Neocube / Black Seeds Recordings
27.Next Level (Heavy1 Remix) – Large Mouth & Mc D2 / Kaizan Records
28.Melody Madness (MixMaster Doc Stateside Remix) – Cool Hand Flex / Mac 2 Digital
29.My Tearz feat. Steo – Lenzman / Metalheadz
30.Same Scene (Velocity Remix) – Large Mouth & Mc D2 Feat Mc Yukako / Kaizan Records
31.Stop The Time, I’ll Come Off – Sapphire / Citrus Recordings


June 30, 2014


July is here and we are honored to host such an amazing producer/ DJ like Von D, a favorite here at Dataset, due to his very unique sound and we are thrilled to have him just in time to promote his latest album “Positive Energy LP” out on Paris based label Lutetia Dubz. Take a listen to the Exclusive Mix below, and check out his questionnaire to learn more about this amazing producer.

Von D – Exclusive Mix | #017 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
Jérôme MEYER

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Well the best thing to me is to get in the Zone and then forget about everything around me, spending hours in that kind of deep meditation making tunes is what really feels good to me. I’ve never produced tunes like a robot. I really have to get goose bumps, otherwise I really don’t make tunes, I’d rather get out and spend time in the nature for example or read a book, but when the goose bumps are here, no one can get me out of this vibe and the tune can be done within few hours .

Whats also amazing is that I test all my tunes in clubs and festivals many times and thats the best inspiration ever as well, ’cause I get really excited knowing I’m gonna drop the tune next weekend while in the studio .

Your favorite studio gear:
Hummm… I would say my ears haha. Nah, seriously I got a Valve EQ which I really like but its all about your ears and knowledge about music really, people sometimes are talking much shit about what gear you need to have to achieve a certain sound and thats not true at all … if you were to see the studios of some top names in the scene, you would be really surprised trust me .

What artist inspires/motivates you:
There’s a few artist that motivates me , of course close friends like Swindle, Silkie, Quest, Chefal and others … but the start of my love with bass music is Dillinja and Lemon D, they had that sound that completely changed the way I view music …

Their beats are often really hard but its always Soulful and they just have their sound … sound signature is really something that capture my attention when I listen to certain producers.

Life changing album:
Photek – Modus Operandi

Production tip:
Be open minded and find your own sound , its not about creating the same hard bass as others but make things sound your way .

Something people don’t know about you:
I’m French, I don’t watch TV and I eat snails from time to time .

Favorite food joint:
My Lady’s Soto Soup (indonesian dish), I’m a sucker for soup , I’m really a soup lover.

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April 25, 2014


Mesck – Exclusive Mix | #016 by Dataset on Mixcloud


Real name:
M. Zachary Mellion, the “M” stands for Michael which is actually my first name, fun fact.

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Maybe the fact the fact that it keeps me sane (relatively speaking of course). In all seriousness though there is just something about creating a piece of music, or visual art on your own that is gratifying on a very personal, esoteric level. That time spent in the studio creating, and taking something from inception to completion all on my own is a therapeutic process. Each tune started is kind of like a new soundscape ready to be explored for the first time. Maybe I have a rough idea where it’s going to lead, but there’s no absolute end result in sight. I know it probably sounds a bit cheesy but there’s just something incredibly fulfilling about knowing that once I’m long gone, all of the music and artwork I’ve created will still remain in some form or another.

Your favorite studio gear:
From a creative standpoint I would have to say my Virus Indigo 2. It’s old school, dusty, the screen is broken, and it doesn’t have the same VST connectivity as the newer TI models; but there’s just something about all the knobs and keys that really does it for me. I guess it’s just a more physical approach to sound design, actually working with your hands to some degree rather than being 100% in the box.

If we’re talking more technical studio gear, I would have to say my Adams A8x studio monitors. Ever since taking the plunge and picking up a pair, my production / mixdown game has progressed tenfold. Having a proper monitoring setup is absolutely essential.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Everyone I’ve worked with in the past few years has inspired me in some way. Deco, Warsa, Deafblind, Kial, Kelly Dean, Dubtek, EshOne, all my stateside crew, and of course my Chestplate fam. In fact it wasn’t until I heard Distance’s first full length LP on Planet Mu in 2007 that I was completely sold on dubstep. Coming from a Drum & Bass background I’ve always looked for a certain level of depth and energy in dance music that I wasn’t hearing in other productions at the time. Tunes like Night Vision, My Demons, and Traffic really stood out and got me motivated to set my sequencer to 140, so to be releasing music on Chestplate now feels like things truly have come full circle. I’m also equally inspired by visual art and film as well.

Life changing album:
Growing up I was diving head first into a new style of music every couple months so that makes this a really difficult question. There are quite a few albums from different era’s that have played different roles in who I am today as an artist. If I had to pick one on the spot I guess I would have to say it was Anticon: Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop. I bought it at a record shop in Philly having absolutely no idea what it was. Being an extremely visual person, I think there was something about the cover art that spoke to me. This was around the same time I got my MPC 2000XL and was sampling loads of old vinyl, so there was this transformation from listener to producer that I was going through which made it extra influential. The end of the 90’s and beginning of the new millennium was kind of a weird time for hip hop. Everything was quickly becoming over-polished, the beginning of the “bling” era in a sense. So from a bedroom producer’s perspective it was refreshing to see a very DIY take on production and avant-garde lyricism.

Production tip:
Get weird in the studio, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s always good to set certain goals when you sit down to write a piece of music no matter what point you’re at in the process, but you also have to make sure you give yourself a few sessions here and there with absolutely zero structure. In fact get away from the computer, break out the field recorder and go nuts. I’ve compiled a pretty massive library of original percussive and atmospheric elements simply by recording the things around me.

Something people don’t know about you:
The origin of my alias I suppose, I get asked that a lot. I was heavy into graffiti art in my teenage years and that was just the name I had chosen. Maybe it’s short for mescaline… maybe it isn’t, haha.

Favorite food joint:
Aside from my own kitchen I would have to say Father’s Office in Venice, hands down. Best burger I’ve ever had in my life, ridiculous amount of beer on draft. Can’t go wrong.

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01. Guilty Simpson – American Dream (Stones Throw)
02. Mesck – Collusion (Forthcoming Chestplate)
03. Mesck – Last Light [Truth Remix] (Dub)
04. Shu x Ziplokk – Phurba (Dub)
05. Mesck – Lucid Form (Forthcoming Chestplate)
06. Sleeper – Hostiles (Dub)
07. Biome – Closed Minds (Dub)
08. Content – Origin [Mesck Remix] (Dub)
09. Mesck – Conquista (Forthcoming Chestplate)
09. << Mesck – Conquista [District Remix] (Dub)
10. L 33 – Rupite (Forthcoming Platform Music)
11. Warsa – Deadleg 75 (Dub)
12. District – Earlsdon Funk (Dub)
13. Mesck x Living Proof ft. Ill Chill – Codebreaker VIP (Dub)
14. Deco x Mesck – Clear Depth [Mershak Remix] (Dub)
15. Razor Rekta – Marina (Forthcoming Deep Tuna)
16. District – Aftermath [Mesck Remix] (Dub)
17. Sleeper – Stronghold Dub (Dub)
18. Mesck – Arcane Glimpse (Forthcoming Chestplate)


April 11, 2014


Reaching volume 15 of the ‘Exclusive Mix’ series by Dataset, we are stoked to introduce this mix by Dj Miyu, all the way from Tokyo, city where she has been pushing the bass sound for nearly 10 years strictly on vinyl, via 3 turntable setup sets. Stream or download her mix below, and check the small interview to get to know a bit about the Japanese community.

DJ Miyu – Exclusive Mix | #015 by Dataset on Mixcloud



Real name:

Favorite part about mixing / making music:
The feel of connecting with the crowd through music. Every track selected and cued on a mix expresses one’s view of the world.

Favorite studio equipment:
That would be my new AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones, their sound is clear and has a very cool design. I also like my ALLEN&HEATH XONE:DB4 because it’s versatility for mixing.

Name a music album that changed your life and why:
DJ CRAZE / LIVE IN PUERTO RICO : HIPHOP DRUM N BASS TURNTABLISM, Because this was my introduction to the Drum’n’bass sound.

Production/ mixing advise for beginners:
Keep the faith.

Tell us something people don’t know about you:
I spin Dnb strictly on vinyl on a triple deck setup. I also love drawing/ painting, I used to do it live in clubs a long time ago. I also find a strange beauty in ruins/ decay.

Strictly Vinyl huh?:
Yes, it has the best sound, weight and warmth you know?

Your Favorite restaurant?:
Uguisu ( in Tokyo, Setagaya ), great dishes and wine selection.

How big is the scene in Japan right now? The bass scene in Japan is not that big, but it’s been growing in the past few years. Getting stronger every day.

If we were to visit your city, and wanted to learn more about the bass scene there, which clubs would you recommend to someone visiting Japan and why?
Go to Daikanyama UNIT, it has the best soundsystem!

Do you have any new tracks you are producing? Maybe plans to release something soon?
I just finished a track with Kan Takahiko called Blackout. Maybe getting released this summer!

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February 19, 2014


Humbled to introduce this ‘mini-mix’ from Boston based producer/ DJ, AxH who on top of pushing bass sound for over a decade, just had his debut on the legendary Tempa (TEMPA086), known for not only their quality sound selection but for their impeccable and consistent graphic branding, the release includes the tracks ‘Destroy’, ‘Everdine’ & ‘Giant Footprints’ available now on vinyl/ digital formats. Known for his all-original sets, AxH decided to treat us with a rare blend he describes as ‘outer space mix’, exploring the dub / mellow sounds of the bass spectrum. Stream or download the mix below and check the questionnaire to know more about AxH.

AxH – Exclusive Mix | #014 by Dataset on Mixcloud



Real name:
Andrew Howard

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
For making tunes – creative freedom. Building from nothing, and having tangible proof of its existence. I love releasing on vinyl. It’s the physical version of your work, and there it is in your hands.

Your favorite studio gear:
I use hardware and software, and I love my Korg R3, Allen & Heath ZED24 mixing console, Neumann U87 microphone, and all my rack effects.

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Portishead, Wu-Tang Clan, Mola Ram (from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Honorable mention to Breakcore.

Life changing album:
Igorrr – Hallelujah, Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die

Production tip:
Attention to detail! Focus on your frequencies. Read articles, watch tutorials. Never stop learning.

Something people don’t know about you:
I started creating beats on a PlayStation. I had multiple memory cards full of beats.

Favorite food joint:
Border Café (Tex-Mex and Cajun)


January 10, 2014


First mix of 2014 and it comes from the man Esgar who just dropped his self-titled debut EP launch Kutmah’s IZWID imprint. Honored to have the chance to share this man’s talent, not only production wise, but an impressive DJ as well.

Check the mix below and get to know the sound of Esgar. As usual, avoid using laptop speakers when playing this mix.

Esgar – Exclusive Mix | #013 by Dataset on Mixcloud



Real name:
Edgar Vergara

What is the best thing about making/mixing tunes:
Having the freedom and tools to create what you want. Being able to share with the world what you created live and online.

Your favorite studio gear:
Korg Electribe EMX

What artist inspires/motivates you:
Om Unit

Life changing album:
Amon Tobin – “Out From Out Where” lp

Production tip:
Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to add some heavy bass.

Something people don’t know about you:
I’m left handed

Favorite food joint:
Topperz Pizza (Ventura County)



01.Slugabed – Do U C Me Tho
02. Mark Pritchard – Ghetto Blast
03. Pluto Dash – Herroww Ft. Eigenheimer
04. Guido – Same Road
05. Funkystepz ft. Lauren Mason – Bring me Back Big Dope P Mix
06. Rite Clique – Space Bar
07. Starkey – Pyramids
08. DJ Pound – Silver Rain Blanket
09. Cence – Shaku
10. Boaz van de Beatz – Frontie Stacks Pt.2
11. Rustie – Terra Star
12. Itel Tek – Violet
13. Slugabed – U Right
14. Mark Pritchard – Jack
15. Nphonix – Gettin Run Down (Original Juke Mix)
16. Nphonix – Reach Out (Om Unit Remix)
17. Dabs Ft. MC Kwality – Skull + Bones (Sam Binga Remix)
18. Esgar – Starscream

Studio Photo by Josh Zacarias