June 1, 2011


EshOne (Pronounced Esh-1) plays whatever he wants. Chances are this is why you will like what you hear. He has interesting taste in music, great stage presence, and is fun to party with. He knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t bullshit around on the mixer. He’s played with a lot of big names, but that really doesn’t matter. If you’re wondering what to bring to the booth, he drinks hoppy beer, preferably IPA, pale ale, or red ale… If you lack beer confidence, try whiskey.

For a look into Esh’s styles, check out this mix:

Track list:

1. EshOne – Watcher [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
2. EshOne – 7am [dub]
3. EshOne – Tres Piedras [dub]
4. EshOne – Search Party [dub]
5. EshOne – Chuck Finley [dub]
6. EshOne – Galaxy Bowling [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
7. EshOne – Extra Hands [dub]
8. EshOne – Petroglyphs [forthcoming Open Sauce]
9. EshOne – The Lagoon [dub]
10. EshOne – Wasted Space [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
11. EshOne – Allergies [Elk Beats]
12. EshOne – Flight [dub]
13. EshOne – Reflective Wallpaper [Elk Beats]
14. EshOne – Nautilus [Elk Beats]
15. EshOne – Mini Bic [dub]
16. EshOne – Half Eaten [EshOne free]
17. EshOne – Theme Pouch [Elk Beats]
18. EshOne – Plastic Trucks [Elk Beats]
19. EshOne – Arnold Palmerz [dub]
20. EshOne – Ups & Downs [dub]
21. EshOne – 1997 [Elk Beats]

Check EshOne’s Label, Elk Beats ( )

And His Music Site, EshOne Music ( )