February 24, 2011

Representing Baltimore, JoeNice is universally recognized as the ambassador of the dubstep sound in North America and has been instrumental in the growth and success of dubstep for nearly a decade. In other words, he’s been playing dubstep before it was called dubstep. Joe’s monthly internet radio show on was the first to feature dubstep in the states and his worldwide fanbase continues to grow with his enthusiastic stage presence & live performance, upfront selection and skillful mixing. Joe’s record bag is a who’s who of dubstep…if you’ve never heard it before, chances are, you’ll hear it from JoeNice.

He is the first American-based DJ to play on London pirate radio, Rinse.FM, the first American-based dj to play the legendary DMZ bi-monthly bash and the first American-based dj to play FWD>> @ Plastic People. A member of GourmetBeats, resident & co-founder of the most successful dubstep party in North America, DubWar (New York City) and selected as one of URB Magazine‘s NEXT 100 for 2007, JoeNice is taking dubstep to the next level, and beyond.

Check Joe on this incredible documentary below, to get a sense of his devotion to the dubstep sound.