February 15, 2011

For over a decade, the name Bulletproof has stood for nothing less than forward thinking future bass music. In the early 90’s, his relentless passion and devotion to Drum & Bass established Jay as one of New Zealand’s pioneering D&B DJ’s and promoters. His entrance into production in 99” alongside former production partner Josh, lead to Bulletproof becoming Australasia’s first international Drum & Bass export, signing their tracks to one of the leading labels of the time, and helped spawn the rise of the local future bass music production scene, being sighted by names like Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, State of Mind
as THE pioneer of NZ D&B production.

In 2007 Bulletproof ventured into the emerging realm of Dubstep production. His recent Dubstep album, “Soundtrack To Forever” made NZ music history by charting in the NZ Commercial Top40, and then went on to win the highly prestigious award for “Best Electronica Album of 2010” at the 2010 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. No easy task by any stretch of the imagination. His album was one of musical diversity never before seen in NZ future bass music.

Always staying one step ahead of the game,
Bulletproof went back into the studio, to produce the highly anticipated follow up LP “Dub Me Crazy”. Geared towards DJ’s just as much as the mainstream audience, Dub Me Crazy follows closely the current trends in UK/US dubstep, but veers away from the relentless chainsaw style in favor of more musical dance floor oriented styles of beats. With the video in production and the single release date of march 28 locked in, “Dub Me Crazy” featuring the stunning Jessie G has already been coined the summer anthem on the festival circuit around New Zealand. The full album release is set for 2/5/11 So, with all this in place, it seems only fitting that Bulletproof is about to embark on UK/EU/US/AUST/NZ tours to promote the album release, Bringing the Dub Me Crazy sound to dance floors the world over.